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Nashdale Lane Wines,
Orange, NSW

Nashdale Lane Wines, Orange, NSW

17 November 2018

A huge thanks to all the folks who joined us at Nashdale Lane Winery in Orange on the 17th November. Also, a massive thanks to Nick and Tanya who own the winery for all their hard work and generosity, and for literally laying down a lawn after I casually said, “You should put some grass there, that’d be awesome for GOM?”. And they did. And it was. Thank you. Let’s talk highlights. Food – Byng St Café’s hot dogs were amazing. To quote Peter Helliar: “You know what, this could be the best hot dog I have ever eaten!”. Akmal arriving only 40 mins late and only going 20 min’s over time! Both new records for Akmal. Becky Lucas having an existential crisis on stage…as some McLaren Vale Bad Seeds will know, this is normally the reserved domain of Lawrence Mooney! Hilarious. Nikki Britton’s set is simply first class. I’m loving that so many people are now discovering her and making her a ‘favourite’. Peter Helliar – my oldest friend in comedy and beyond. To have Pete with me at GOM was beyond special. Pete is as hilarious and genuine in real life, but on stage he shows why he is one of the best in the country. Tom Gleeson HARD CHATTING a heckler back to 1993. It was the best birthday gift anyone could give me! I don’t understand why this bloke thought Tom needed some ‘help’ with his routine, but I’d like to say thanks for allowing Tom to open you up like a 90’s Reebok Bum Bag for our entertainment! YOU, the crowd… WOW! It never ceases to thrill me how well we are all received and treated. So much genuine gratitude and warmth and I assure you, the comedians who performed walked away with tingles. Thank you. Lastly, thanks to the bloke who escorted his girlfriend into the vines to do some discreet “mouth irrigation”. Whilst his bride-to-be was looking for someone to hold her hair back, he came over to the backstage area to say g’day to the performers and asked if he could share a can of beer with us. Classic Oz. I gave him a bottle of water to give to his missus. He was disappointed. They’re now divorced. See ya at the next one! Mez.


Movies, Sketch, Stand‐Up, Tv appearances, Radio personality and talk show host, improvisation and a published author, Akmal is one of Australia’s most respected, successful and accomplished comics. He displays an incredible ability to deal with hot topics in a hilarious and non‐offensive way.

Akmal Saleh

Nikki was recently nominated for Best Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2021. With her electrifying stage presence, warmth, and personable demeanor, Nikki Britton is one of Australia’s most in-demand comedy talents.

Nikki Britton

Peter Helliar has been one of Australia’s favourite comedians since his first appearance on our TV screens on Rove back in 1999. Pete has performed stand up for more than twenty years, selling out shows right across the country, where he makes the difficult business of being funny look dead easy.

Peter Helliar

Writer, performer and rat Becky Lucas is one of most exciting voices on the Australian comedy scene and is commanding worldwide attention. Becky has spent years writing and performing stand-up and in the last year alone has performed her solo show at the Sydney Opera House, made her US TV debut on Conan and performed at the prestigious Just for Laughs Montreal Festival.

Becky Lucas

Tom Gleeson is in every Aussie comedian’s Top 5. A true master of the craft, he’s performed at every major comedy festival in the world and has been nominated for a Helpmann three times. A sure fire, killer stand-up at the top of his game.

Tom Gleeson

The “Merric” from Merrick and Rosso. Mez, as he is affectionately known, has worked at almost every radio and TV station in the country. You might have seen him recently getting smashed in the face on SAS Australia, Australia’s REAL reality show. Mez loves wine, so much so that he’s a qualified sommelier, with dreams of retiring to a big Chesterfield, smoking a cigar and drinking Cabernet.

Merrick Watts

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Private: Nashdale Lane Wines

Nashdale Lane Wines is a proudly all Australian family owned and run business. The vision for the brand began in 2001 and after a lot of research, hard work and planning (along with luck in finding the most idyllic vineyard  site in Orange, NSW) it was realised.

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