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Hey guys, how are you all doing? Weird times. COVID has been like a small furry white dog poo you find in a children’s playground. You’re like “I didn’t think you existed anymore. You are NOT welcome here, can someone else do something about this please?” See, exactly the same! 

Anyway, the best antidote to a negative is a positive and comedians naturally look for the lighter side of things in dark times. So when I look around and see how much my sisters and brothers in the comedy community have given in goodwill, entertainment and positivity during these horrendous times, I think it makes every Australian proud – not proud enough that they should receive JobKeeper, but proud in a Rock Eisteddfod kinda way.

Jokes aside, our industry has been decimated, but it will recover. It’s the same with the events industry (well done on picking TWO eviscerated industries to combine Mez!). But… we will recover and we will be there at the end of the dark tunnel with a rubber chicken and a bottle of Grenache in hand! 

Personally I have done a lot of ‘tracksuit drinking’, homeschooling and bringing my palate up to pace for the WA Good Food Awards where I will be judging with my mate and mentor Mike Bennie (amongst other industry big guns). Although I have a WSET 3 wine qualification, the “mouth on” experience of tasting is a sharp reminder of just how much is required to properly evaluate wine, and being around guns like Mike and Gary Walsh (Winefront legend and all-round top bloke) gives me a sharp understanding of just how dedicated and brilliant these people in the wine world are.

During COVID Grapes of Mirth had huge success with In Vino Veritas online. Thanks to everyone who tuned in on Fridays and of course to the comedians and wineries who came along for the ride. We have been inundated with requests to do another season and we are now in planning. Stand by. 

We are also carefully planning events with COVID management in mind and we will let everyone know where and when we can kick off again coz God knows we could all do with a laugh on a patch of grass with a glass in hand. Am I right? We will also be building up more online content for people to see and also be involved in – we love our Total Randos!!

A huge thank you to the overwhelming goodwill, generosity and support we have received from you guys. Like everyone there have been days when we have just been, “Well, that’s over now!” and nearly packed it up but we believe in what we do because we love what we do and we love sharing it with you.

Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation to keep going! Never say die! That goes for you too!

Till next time Amigo’s. Mez. 

BONUS ITEM: If you’ve been watching Operation Buffalo on the ABC then you may have seen me in the role of “Non-critical character with dubious acting credentials who offers literally nothing to the storyline but can stand reasonably still behind the lead actor?” Anyway, I hate bragging but I bloody nailed that role!

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