Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around the Grounds –
Barossa Valley 2019

Seppeltsfield, September 7

Wow, what a massive day at Seppeltsfield. A huge thanks to all who came for the fun, it was a real party atmosphere.

Mez kicked off with some War Stories about his travel to Iraq to entertain the troops. Like that place hadn’t had it hard enough, then Mez arrives.

Celia Pacquola was in striking form and was first to take the stage sharing, oversharing, and giving the crowd the perfect start to the day.

Dilruk followed shortly, who is half the man he used to be two years ago in weight but possibly twice the comic? Dil, no stranger to GoM smashed his set like a plate of Nachos, which ironically he also smashed backstage!

After the break, Mel Buttle took the stage and took the opportunity to rip shreds off Pam! If you don’t know who Pam is, she is the butt of some of Mel’s funniest material. Always a delight to have Mel…and Pam at GoM.

Newcomer to GoM Luke Heggie was next. His effortless delivery hides a razor-sharp mind and brilliant take on the world. Can’t wait to see Luke at another GoM gig soon.

Following the final break, the host of Taboo Harley Breen absolutely smashed his way through the last bracket. Harley had a hangover you could see from space prior to performing at GoM, from a huge Friday session, but said the tonic of the crowd’s huge laughter was just the antidote he needed! He looked and performed fresh as a daisy and then backed up for a few vinos afterwards!

Big thanks to the team at Seppeltsfield for all that they do to make GoM Barossa Valley possible.

Love SA, love the Barossa, and love GoM at Seppeltsfield – thanks again Bad Seeds. 


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