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Permanent Wood – Barossa Valley

Episode #001
Shiraz from the Barossa Valley

Hello, my name is Clifford, what’s yours? Actually, don’t bother.

This episode of Permanent Wood I’m looking at Shiraz from the Barossa Valley.

The Barossa Valley was founded a long time ago by some Germans who had the good sense to plant grapes. Grapes are then crushed and made into wine. Are you following? Good. Keep up.

The Barossa Valley is nestled in between some largish hills, not massive but I wouldn’t want to walk over them personally because I despise people who walk with those ridiculous hiking sticks you buy from Kathmandu. I mean, if you can’t walk over terrain without a stick, then perhaps walking isn’t really your thing and you should look to a more passive recreation like mouth breathing. Besides, why would you even buy one? The bush is positively chockablock full of sticks, that’s what the whole bloody thing is made of… sticks! Simply find one on the ground and use that, rather than pay $800 dollars for what is ostensibly just a headless squash racket! I mean, really, who are these people? Do they go to the beach with a bucket full of artificial sand? I have observed that these same people often wear those Teva “tech sandals”. When did we run out of leather?  Awful people. Only outdone by those people who choose to wear socks with sandals. Those people should be in prison and in many cases are!

Anyway, I digress. The Barossa Valley is the spiritual home of Australian Shiraz, not to be confused with the cooler climate expressions of the grape “syrah” as it’s known in France.

Shiraz is big, bold and full of rich fruits, so similar to the Australian Theatre scene I’d imagine?

I enjoy a Barossa Shiraz on its own or with food and it goes exceptionally well with roast beef and an Episode of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

My wife and I don’t chill and neither does Shiraz. Drink at room temp with friends or when your wife is visiting a bric-a-brac shop! What the goodness is bric-a-brac anyway? Is it just a poor form of antique or is it an elevated form of garbage? It’s as stupid as a carbon fibre bushwalking sticks.

Enjoy the Shiraz.


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