Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around the Grounds –
Orange 2019

Nashdale Lane, November 16

What an awesome return to Orange and to Nashdale Lane Wines. The weather was perfect, the excitement fever pitch and the language as colourful as Mez’s shirt!

Fiona O’Loughlin kicked it off and delivered a comedy clinic. She might be small but she packs a punch, and with a 1-2 combination put the audience on the ropes for the rest of the day.

Sam Taunton took the stage next and made friends immediately, particularly with Ang. Hi Ang!!! – you had to be there! Sam loves Orange and the locals. After a few drinks at the pub, at the end of the gig, he was tempted to visit the local nightclub, until Mez said: “Are we going to the disco?” Sam responded with “Well, you just used the word ‘disco’ so you’re not allowed to come now” which resulted in everyone pulling out, a fortunate outcome for all.

Now, back to the comedy. After the first break, Mez found “Merle” in the crowd. Merle has massive cannons that Merrick believes are the result of an individual pursuit – a pursuit that Merle didn’t wish to elaborate on. Then Danielle Walker hit the stage. It was a brilliant sight to witness some big burly local farmers with weather-beaten hats and faces pissing themselves to this amazing young woman half their age! Bravo to all.

Chopper was last in the second bracket and absolutely destroyed the locals with stories of airline travel and Kiwi community service messages. Mez was seen in tears to the side of the stage but it may have been because he’d sprayed Aeroguard in his eyes again – he can’t be trusted with aerosols.

A quick break and then it was back to Merle! Merle’s arms had grown considerably during the break and he was absent from his picnic rug for a long period of time – so, you know, you do the sums.

Once Merle had been publicly shamed it was time for Harley Breen, who delivered his expected power set, covering multiple topics and profanities – it was hilarious to watch. Mez also introduced Harley to Merle during his set. Merle would have been just as happy if he didn’t!

The day closed out with DJ Pedro Moshman creating a dance party hoe down that went for the next hour or two – security were called in, to ensure that only one female at a time was allowed on to the stage to take a selfie with Pedro.

A massive thanks to Merle. Mate, blokes like you who have a great sense of humour and arms like pythons (from so much alone time) make a good gig a great gig! Champion. Also thanks Ang, not really sure what for, but thanks anyway!

A bloody great day. Thanks to everyone who came and made for such a wonderful experience. Big thanks to Nick and Tanya and all the people who assisted and volunteered at Nashdale Lane Wines.

Till next time Amigos!

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