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GoM HQ Newsletter – November 2020

Owner and Director of Grapes of Mirth, Merrick Watts, gives us a behind the scenes look into GoM HQ, his dynamic team, and the month that was.

Hey Team!

Another fantastic month at GoM HQ, thanks to everyone for their efforts. 

Special mention to Glenn from logistics for finally trapping and releasing the possum that had been living in the staff kitchen for the past 3 months. Really good work Glenn. On closer inspection, the possum turned out to be a dog. Now, I think I speak for everyone when I say I was surprised as anyone to learn we had a dog living in the company kitchen, so further credit to Glenn for his gentle expedition. Now, on closer inspection, it turns out that the Labrador was in fact, actually, a meth addict. Again, I was as surprised as anyone to learn that the possum living in the roof was, in fact, a dog, that was, in fact, a person setting up a crack den. Credit to Stacey in accounts who did raise suspicions about the possum in March when she asked why it was wearing Adidas tracksuit pants. Great vision Stacey.

So, for getting rid of the meth lab and the possum in one fell swoop, employee of the month is split between Glenn and Stacey. You both win a 6 pack of frozen Vili’s pies. Congratulations. 

On Fridays, we have “Staff Samplers” where we try a wine, and all offer our thoughts. 

This week we had the Mallaluka Chardonnay from Murumbateman in NSW. It was bloody delicious.

  • Sirat says “Love the slight exposure to oxygen, it gives this wine a rich complexity and is good with food but awesome as a runway drink to food too”. Good call there great man. 
  • Troy said, “It’s very tropical and passionfruit flavoured”. Troy, that’s a can of Pasito you dickhead!
  • Sohan said, “I love the golden colour – spring sunshine in a glass with flavours that keep evolving. I’d love to cap this and see it tomorrow coz I feel there’s more to come”. She was right, the next day was another level again.

In other news:

  • Pete lost his keys but found them in his pocket. That was lucky. 
  • Clare celebrated her 39th Birthday on the weekend, so one more whole year before life goes to shit for Clare. Make sure you say congrats.
  • Pedro is holding an illegal dance party this Friday at a warehouse somewhere in Port Adelaide. Good luck Pedro.
  • We are taking delivery of a new computer on Thursday. Sorry, that’s a printer. Sorry, it’s a scanner. Pardon, it’s a computer with a scanner and a printer on 3d. Sorry, it’s a 3d printer scanner compute…..can someone explain exactly what the fuck this thing actually is before I start writing the staff newsletter? Anyway, apparently, it’s the future, so I’m looking forward to photocopying my lychee hammock.

Keep up the great work tea,m and if you have any issues, big or small, always know that my door is open, and it goes through to Jason’s office where he is always available to you.


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