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GoM HQ Newsletter – January 2021

Owner and Director of Grapes of Mirth, Merrick Watts, gives us a behind the scenes look into GoM HQ, his dynamic team, and the month that was.

Welcome back everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the well-earned break. Grapes of Mirth HQ is back in full swing! 

Some great news to start the year from the crew.

Troy’s pet Diamond Python, ‘Margaret’, gave birth to a clutch of baby snakes. Troy is super excited and celebrated with a neck tattoo of a snake, that as Janine pointed out in the team meeting this morning, from certain angles looks a bit like a dick! Classic Troy! Let’s not forget Troy’s first Diamond Python ‘Monty’ that Troy bought off the bikies that was in fact a Tiger Snake. Two weeks in hospital ICU taught Troy a valuable lesson about the term ‘no returns or refunds’ in relation to bikie gangs.  

Personally, I got my forklift license over the break and I’m looking forward to racing Gary in what is undoubtedly going to end in tragedy. Make sure you say congrats to me and even buy me a small gift for my massive achievement. 

Katrina from accounts got engaged to Ranesh on NYE only a few weeks after completing her Master’s degree. I mean, obviously, it’s no forklift license but if you do see her maybe say “well done” but don’t over do it.

Kimba went on holidays to Kangaroo Island and was telling us all how she caught seven King George Whiting off the beach! Then Troy yelled out that he caught crabs! He was talking about the ones you find in your pants. It was very funny, we all laughed.

Our events are back and in full swing navigating around Covid like a Jetski around rich people. Bernice had a great idea, she said “why don’t we just advertise the events as an International tennis comp?” Good LOL “Advantage Bernice”. 

We all chatted about some of the drinks we enjoyed over the break. This is core to GoM – enjoying time with friends and family with a glass of vino. Some highlights were:

Dominique said “The Dalz Otto sparkling pink Rosato was going down like the Titanic around our blow up pool”. Dom’s right. It’s really great, affordable fizz, a $20 belter. 

Esam said “  had the Latta Ex Nihlio Pinot Gris and thought it was actually as good as everyone was saying coz I don’t normally love Pinot Gris. Troy then yelled out “Did you say you don’t normally love penis gris?”. Troy was then cautioned by Helen from HR and took home a written warning.

Bern said “Did anyone else have the Deliquenté Rosé from Riverland? Bloody amazing for a full bodied but restrained Rosé, made from Nero D’Avola grapes. Good price too.” She’s right. Great wine made by an exceptional wine team.

So, it’s back on the tools for us all now. Work hard but make sure you’re looking after your mental and physical health, give us a shout out if you need any help with either of these important elements. Speaking of which… Just a reminder that the lunchroom biscuit barrel is empty, well except for the Orange creams, but seriously, like anyone’s gonna eat those fucking things? Barry will start the year off buying the first pack of Assorted Creams. Barry is a massive tightarse so if he tries to fob us off with Family Assorted and I start this year with an Arrow Root, there will be no Christmas party in 2021!  

Have a great week team! 


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