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In Vino Veritas Season 1

8 Episodes – 8 Comedians – 8 Wines

Hello Bad Seeds

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the final In Vino Veritas for this season. Tom Gleeson was awesome. Tom is hilarious, quick-witted and full of great stories. With IVV I’ve also noticed we get insights into people’s characters that even a traditional interview may not expose.

Tom’s story about going missing in Renmark was a real highlight. And then, having his board game ready to promote at the end of the show was classic Gleeso, hilarious! It was a great hour of drinking and talking about wine (we covered off almost every variety). Also a huge thanks to Deb for sketching every episode live; she’s truly gifted and it was lovely to meet her as a surprise ‘Total Rando’ in our season finale.

What I have loved most about In Vino Veritas is YOU – the people who have tuned in and been a part of something very special. IVV was launched as a response to lockdown, but after 8 weeks it just felt like Friday knock-off drinks with friends over a BBQ. We’ve made many new friends, in a time of isolation, a massive unexpected bonus.

To all the wine producers who supplied their great vino for our guests, thank you. It’s safe to say that all wines have now well and truly been demolished!

Thanks also to Plumm for supplying our guests with awesome glassware. Sometimes it’s cool to drink from a jam jar but often drinking from a beautiful wine glass adds to the experience and the sense of reward.

A massive thank you to everyone who “tipped” into the tip-jar. We were adamant we would host this for free if we could and the contributions we received went directly to covering some of the costs in broadcasting and servicing the shows needs.

And, last but not least, to the motley crew of comedians pictured below, that joined us for a wine and a chat. We are so very grateful for your time and your willingness to share – you make Grapes of Mirth what it is.

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Stay tuned you Bad Seeds because we are looking at bringing you new content offerings. Some more wine focused, and some more comedy focused.

We love making you guys happy.


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