Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around The Grounds – Newcastle & Hunter 2019

The Station, Newcastle, May 11

Massive thanks to everyone who enjoyed the day with us at The Station in Newcastle – our first for the Hunter Region, but not our last! A terrific crowd, perfect weather and some truly great wines on offer.

Sam Simmons kicked things off and it’s always a good sign when a comedian says on stage “would you like me to be weird or wrong?” He was both. Thank god!

Bec De Unamuno ad-libbed some crowd participation towards the end of her set with such ability that more than one person asked “Was that setup? Were those audience members plants?” No – she’s that good!

Nazeem Hussain realising midway through his set “Am I the only brown person here?” he was also possibly the only non–drinker on the day too, so an already special comedian made even more special! One of the best blokes in the business and in cracking form right now.  

Luke As the sun slowly dropped in the west the nearby fig tree came alive with the chatter of birds. This is normally a beautiful thing but even more beautiful was Denise Scott telling them to %*$@ OFF! Denise came on to rapturous applause and left the same way! Just brilliant. So funny. 

McGregor proved as popular off stage as on. Several Newcastle ladies seemed very attracted to our exotic, red-headed Tasweigan and were keen to exchange details. He’s on Tinder ladies! Luke killed as always and was grateful that he was not exposed to full sunlight. 

Chopper rounded out the day in typical Chopper fashion. Big, bold and richly colourful, like a glass of port at the end of a good session, and Newcastle appeared to have had a good session! (Wink)

Massive thanks to John and his team from The Station Newcastle, HCCDC and the following wineries; Glandore Estate Wines, Frist Creek Wines, De Iulius Wines, Hart & Hunter, Peter Drayton Wines, Thomas Wines for bringing it all together.

Till next time Amigo’s.

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