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Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around the Grounds –
Tasmania 2020

Josef Chromy Wines, February 23

Hello Bad Seeds, and welcome to the match day report for our inaugural Tassie event!

What a bloody ripper! Josef Chromy wines in Launceston was the place to be last Sunday; sunshine, comedy, award winning wines and an awesome crowd – WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU BARRY!

Mez kicked off the day 5 mins early, (too keen, like a teenager at a Blue Light disco) and we were away. Mez explained some recent near-death experiences and made local references to Strahan on Tassie’s West Coast that he probably thought would do slightly better than they did – given the fact the crowd had travelled from all over the state for the day, it was always going to be a numbers game.

Not to be deterred, Mez, as is his way, made friends with Barry. Barry has no hair; Barry also has no hat. Mez suggested that by the end of the day Barry would look like a beetroot. Mez is an oracle.

First up was Grapes of Mirth newbie, Gen Fricker. Gen’s relatability to ads that promote feminine hygiene products was hilarious, although Mez looked confused by the term hygiene. Great to have Gen join the GoM circus.

Next was old hand but young man, Tom Ballard. Tom is seriously a weapon at the moment, and that weapon is largely pointed at Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Ys, Millennials… in fact everyone! Bloody brilliant as always. Could only have been better if Scotty from marketing was there to see his own roasting.

Then a second newbie, David Quirk “Quirky” as he is affectionately known made is GoM debut – Bloody great! I think we all love a 5-minute story about rabbits that is in fact, not at all about rabbits! A delight to work with on and off stage, questionable fashion choices aside.

Geraldine Hickey was next and was taking requests
“Mez, want me to do the bird parks?”
“Yes please!”
Love me a bird park story, who doesn’t? Also, great to finally hear how Velcro was invented! Hilarious and effortless!

Last was local hero and umbrella aficionado, Luke McGregor. The star of Tassies own “Rosehaven” was sun cautious, but not crowd cautious, giving them everything they hoped for and more! What an excellent way to round out the day. If only the sun smart Luke McGregor had met Barry the Beetroot earlier?

What a way to start Grapes of Mirth in a new state. Thanks to every single one of you that was there, you were a delight. Massive thanks to Josef Chromy wines, Joe himself, all his staff and family who helped make the day such a success. Looking forward to next year already, thanks Tassie.

Till next time amigo’s!

GoM x

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