Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around the Grounds –
Pyrenees 2019

Avoca Shire Turf Club, October 20

What an awesome day! The poor bloody grapes of the Pyrenees region – first they get crushed by the winemakers and then they get crushed by our comedians. Truly a killer day of comedy.

Mez opened the day by explaining to people in country Victoria the concept of Fire. His next challenge is to explain snow to people in Alaska! Kicking off the first bracket was Nazeem who needed a little help from the audience to explain where he actually was and that The Pyrenees is not his perineum. Naz was on fire – a concept the crowd was now familiar with. Massive laughs. Newcomer and wine lover Geraldine Hickey explained the concept of “birds’. If you haven’t seen her explain birds, you need to. There were literal tears from the audience and the MC. We hope to get Geraldine back for another gig sooner rather than later because she was in her element!

The second bracket Mez opened by explaining mobile phone technology. The audience was again familiar with this topic. He then introduced the wonderful Danielle Walker who demonstrated why, as a young gun, she is able to mix it with the best. Nath Valvo was next up, on his return to GoM. Nath absolutely tore through the audience like gastro on a cruise ship. Explaining the concept of motherhood, I mean, who better? Nath had us in tears and finished by throwing a comedy grenade into the audience after his 20 minute power set. Awesome to watch. 

The final bracket Mez explained that Hughsey was late because he’d seen the Town of Ararat on a TV show so had stopped off to buy it! Hughsey absolutely carved the audience to pieces. He is one of the greatest for a reason, and that was obvious to everyone on the day. Personal highlights include the intimate details of his marriage shared with total strangers, followed by Hughsey generously sticking around for photos and unwanted cuddles! Good on ya legend. 

A great day and a fantastic and generous crowd who really know how to have a good laugh. Every single comedian was raving about the people of the Pyrenees.

Massive thank you to Kate Kirkpatrick from the Avoca Shire Turf Club and Oregional Collective, Robert Heywood and Andrew Koerner from the Pyrenees Grapegrowers + Winemakers Association, all the wine producers that joined us on the day, and all the wonderful crowd that bought tickets to support our event.

Till next time Bad Seeds. 

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