Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around The Grounds – McLaren Vale 2019

Cal Wilson on stage at Grapes of Mirth at Coriole, McLaren Vale

Coriole, March 3

Hey Bad Seeds!

A massive thanks to everyone at Coriole who helped put on this event; amazing food, wine and atmosphere – and to everyone who came and joined us – you guys are amazing!

A terrific blend of comedians made for a great day. Cal Wilson – delightful and edgy; was hilarious, kicking off the day. Love her. Sam Taunton a Newbie to Grapes of Mirth won over the crowd immediately and showed why he is part of the next generation of young guns. The second bracket saw Sam Simmons get so weird it was brilliant. He removed his shorts and shocked and delighted us all. Little did we know this was merely a warm-up to his “photobombing” of a Channel 7 live cross where a magician was trying to explain magic, not realising that the true magic was Sam standing behind him looking like a weirdo! Gold! Ivan Aristaguieta rounded out the second bracket. This was Ivan’s first GoM but not his last. Hysterical. Ivan is from Venezuela and loves this country so much that the government is sending him on a tropical island holiday at Manus. The last bracket started off with Nikki Britton. I adore Nikki and think she is on a fast trajectory to stardom. On Sunday she showed 900 other people why! Superb form. Tom Gleeson. The End. So little needs to be said about this man that I could leave it at that. Tom is a stand-up weapon, but one thing I love is how much he loves doing these gigs. Like you and I, Tom “gets it” and loves what Grapes of Mirth is all about.

Again, thank you all so much for helping us create a wonderful day. Sun, rain, wine, laughs and perineums…we had it all. Till next time amigos! Mez.

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