Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

McLaren Vale 2020

Lloyd Brothers, December 13

Hello Amigos!

What an incredible way to send off 2021, with a laugh, a sea of smiling faces and a day on the grass (turf), set in the natural amphitheatre at the stunning grounds at Lloyd Brothers in McLaren Vale. 

Grapes of Mirth farewelled the year with a stellar lineup:

Geraldine Hickey – bird-lover and raconteur, her stories of bird parks and spider attacks left the crowd laughing and feeling fearful at the same time.
Nazeem Hussian – a killer set, as always, and then aptly pointed out to the crowd that Mez had booked a non-drinking Muslim man for a Christmas party in a winery. Well done Mez!

Lizzy Hoo – was fabulous and seeing her pay out Ranagas was something the world needed at that time! I can’t wait to see her again.

Hughesy – was of course on fire and was ‘pumped’ to be there. The highlight was Dave’s impersonation of Peter Helliar that was, in fact, the perfect of impersonation of Peter Helliar impersonating Hughesy. It was like the movie Inception at times, particularly later when Mez impersonated Tom Ballard impersonating Hughesy impersonating Peter Helliar. Meta!

Tom Ballard – arrived with the express mandate to upset as many liberal voting Boomers as possible and he did not disappoint, but at the same time, he also made new fans of them! It was great to see this powerhouse of thoughtful opinion and razor observation talk about what he’d like to say to Israel Folau. LOL!

An awesome day had by all.

This event was so close, on so many occasions to not being held as a result of Covid but in the end, the sheer determination and can-do attitude of all, from attendees to performers to winery staff made this a memorable event in a year many would rather forget. Bloody well done Aussies!

Big thanks go to Lloyd Brothers in McLaren Vale for having us.

Have a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to seeing your beautiful faces in 2021.

Till next time Amigos, Mez.

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