Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around the Grounds –
Adelaide Hills 2020

Howard Vineyard, March 1

AMAZING! What a Sunday afternoon it was at Howard Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. Seriously, I think every person, man, woman and child (there was a 6-month-old there; massive fan of Chopper) had a ball, not least of all the comedians who performed.. YOU made THEIR day! Seeing comedians love a gig is one of the greatest rewards.

It really was a special day not just for the laughs, but for the fact that the region, and indeed Howard Vineyard suffered enormously during the bushfires. It was great to see joy in a region that had copped it in the dick so badly over the summer; new season, a new optimism.
FYI: “copped it in the dick” is a proper bushfire term sanctioned by Fireys’ all over the world.

Mez jumped on stage to MC the day and was immediately struck by the good vibes of the crowd. After briefly explaining for the 1000th time why people who use Vapes need to have good look at themselves, he moved onto what famous people he’d like at his funeral.
Made sense if you were there.

Grapes of Mirth newbie, Brett Blake was first on stage and absolutely killed. We’ve been a fan of Brett’s work as a jet ski bogan for some time, so it was awesome to see him roll out some quality stand up. Brett likes jet skis, MMA, motorbikes, cars and Merrick, so really, anything a bit bogan. He and Mez spent 7 hours after the gig discussing two-stroke engines and Connor McGregor. Merrick has filed paperwork to adopt Brett as his 30-year-old son.

Adelaide’s own, and superstar stand up, Justin Hamilton was next. The award-winning comedian showed his home crowd why he is a master. Local references of hotels and night clubs reminded the crowd of the shameful things they have done on a night out on the tiles. GOLD!

The second bracket was a real honour as we had Steph Tisdall do the acknowledgment of country. Then, she SMASHED IT! Seriously, tears rolling down people’s cheeks. Steph is a brilliant person and a brilliant stand up and absolutely won the hearts of the crowd. This was Steph’s first Grapes of Mirth but won’t be her last (we hope), she’s just brilliant! We love a whale story that ends well… well, kinda!

Next up… Chopper! In form, on fleek and fuelled up. Chopper delivers every time and we were all in hysterics from start to end. Particularly funny road rage story at the end – Thanks legend, always a pleasure!

Last but certainly not least, we unleashed the weapon that is Rhys Nicholson onto the crowd. What a way to end. Rhys explained that the term ‘lend a hand” can have two meanings and was pinpoint in all his observations and deadly with the delivery. Thanks, great man!

All in all, just a classic GoM kinda day. So many wonderful people, with lovely things to say about our crazy little travelling circus. Thanks guys, it makes all the hard work worthwhile (not me, I don’t do any, but the GoM team, they do the work. I do the iPhone photos and the casual drinks – but I do them expertly!)

Massive thanks to the entire team at Howard Vineyard, the Adelaide Hills Wine region, Novatech and Moshtix, who generously donated their event fees to the Adelaide Hills Bushfire fund – every $$ counts!

And extra special thanks to the Bad Seeds who have returned again and again and from region to region. You get what we are doing and that is genuinely the greatest compliment we look for.

Till next time Amigo’s.


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