Grapes of Mirth
Grapes of Mirth Grapes of Mirth

Around the Grounds –
Coonawarra 2020

Penola Racing Club, 18 January

Thanks to all the Bad Seeds who turned up for a massive Grapes of Mirth in Coonawarra last month, what an incredible time.

Genuinely one of my favourite gigs in the past 12 months. The crowd of locals and many who travelled from Mt Gambier and elsewhere to share the day was nothing short of gold! So many laughs.

Mez kicked off and explained a couple of near death experiences since he last visited the region. One story had the crowd in stitches at the thought of what damage you can do to Mez’s soul using just 2 fingers and a thumb (wink, wink!)

The great man Peter Helliar was first to hit the stage after insisting he start early to then enjoy the rest of the day with a laugh and a vino. Pete smashed the first spot and his story of the moon landing can’t be missed. Bloody hilarious. Pete is so professional and yet so relaxed and generous – signing things and having photos with the crowd. All class.

Next was Clare Hooper who had her first gig with us at Grapes of Mirth and quickly became a crowd favourite. Clare has a very relaxed stage presence that puts everyone at ease until she drops a comedy bomb with almost no warning, again, and again. A wonderful person and performer. We hope to have her back again soon.

There was a quick break for people to top up on the wines, provided by 12 brilliant local winemakers. For quality assurance purposes the performers assisted in a controlled quality experiment backstage and we’re happy to say the wines are in perfect order!

The second bracket was lead by old mate Dave Thornton. Thorno missed Coonawarra last year after being stranded on a cruise ship (suss story if you ask me). Anyway, Thorno doubled his efforts to make up for last year and was a smash with the crowd. A highlight was when a bloke with a Merv Hughes style moustache got up on stage with a bottle of Rose to top up Thorno’s glass and then Pete reappeared from backstage for a splash as well. Classic Coona’. So funny.

Danielle Walker followed Thorno and once again showed that you can’t judge a book by its cover, particularly if it’s been illustrated by Danielle. Hilarious, shocking yet totally disarming, Danielle was a perfect way to round out the second bracket.

There was another quick break where several comedians decided that due diligence would require further sampling of local wines from cheeky rose right through to wicked cab’ sav’- the wines were a massive hit with the joke makers.

Last but certainly not least was everyone’s friend Nazeem Hussain. Naz was amazing, as always. Naz is a brilliant human being and even though his religion dictates no wine it does not preclude Naz from pouring out the comedy. Naz’s story about finding housemates is a master class in storytelling and is also a brilliant insight into parts of Australian culture. Laugh out loud funny.

The entire day was just special. We see with every return event we do that more people are becoming part of our crazy little gang. I can guarantee that the comedians feel this too. To all the people who come to Grapes of Mirth anywhere in the country, I say on behalf of the performers – Thank you. You guys make it special for them and they love it!

See ya next year Coona!

Onto Tassie now where we set up our circus at Joseph Chromy in Launceston on the 23rd Feb. If you have friends on the Apple Isle there are still tickets available but don’t delay. We also have tickets on sale for our friends at Howards Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills 1st March.

Have an awesome end to the week and weekend guys and enjoy a glass of wine from one of our wine friends. They’re good people too.

Till next time amigo’s.


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