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What is Grapes of Mirth

At it's core, Grapes Of Mirth is the bringing together of comedy and wine; sharing a wine, sharing a conversation, and sharing a laugh. We create unique experiences to be enjoyed with family and friends, in the beautiful surrounds of wine country and beyond, over a bottle of quality wine. We’re bold, silly at times, somewhat irreverent, but together with our free-thinking ideology comes a deep and passionate love of wine and comedy.

We truly believe that shared experiences are better with wine.

Grapes Of Mirth

Why are we doing this?

We want to empower wine producers, wine regions, and regional tourism bodies to leverage the diverse and emotionally engaging power of comedy. We do this by executing regional comedy events, creating engaging online content, and by connecting with social media audiences. Comedy provides an outlet for truth, happiness, and relief; Grapes of Mirth is the conduit. Quite simply, Wine and Comedy are two of our favourite things and bringing them together to share with others feels kind of magic. We are very serious about not taking wine too seriously.

Merrick Watts

Comedian | Presenter | Broadcaster | TV Personality | Wine Lover

After 20 years in TV and radio, there aren’t many networks that Merrick hasn’t collaborated with. From hosting his on broadcasting shows, dedicated acting performances, many and varied TV gigs, and even MCing large scale corporate events, he’s pretty much done it all. Aside from his dedication towards TV and radio over the past two decades, his passionate love of wine has slowly been bubbling under the surface. Founding Grapes of Mirth is a direct result of this passion. Merrick’s interest in wine started back in 1999, when Merrick and Rosso toured the Barossa Valley and were introduced to one of the countries great wine producers, Rockford Wines, and their famous Basket Press Shiraz. Merrick left with the #30 membership copper disc, something he still cherishes today. During this trip his love of vino was ignited, and this lead him to buying, cellaring, and drinking more Australian wine.

From the mid-2000’s Merrick began spending every summer on the Fleurieu Peninsula, which cradles the McLaren Vale wine region. Over time he began to learn more as he visited more wineries; a deeper understanding of varieties, the winemaking process, wine and food matching, and most importantly of all, what he enjoyed drinking. In the following years he would go on to strengthen friendships with some of the country’s great winemakers and host the McLaren Vale Wine Awards “The Bushing King” 3 years in a row. From the barrel store, through to the vineyards, and just about every part of the wine industry, Merrick has now see it all, but what he loves most about wine (other than drinking it) is “Sharing” - sharing food, sharing stories, sharing the knowledge, sharing opinions, sharing jokes, and sharing the end result of an Aussie farmer and / or winemaker’s passion.

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We are extremely excited about taking Grapes of Mirth to wine regions across Australia.

We’re looking for regional wine bodies, tourism organisations, and wine producers to partner with, to create these unique events, and amplify the reach surrounding them.