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  • S.C.Pannell Wines, February 2017

S.C.Pannell Wines, February 2017

Merrick Watts on
S.C.Pannell Wines, February 2017

S.C Pannell Wines, one of the country's finest wine producers, was the first to host Grapes Of Mirth, and they sure made it memorable.

Perfect weather in the Vale and a crowd well accustomed to great wine and humour had high expectations, fortunately, both were in ample supply.

Akmal Saleh was up early and reminded everyone they were in an 18+ venue with some colourfully descriptive terms for his time on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”.

We were also blessed to have Becky Lucas, Nath Valvo, Lehmo, Hughsie and Mez perform, less so Mez, he was already hanging around.

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