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At its core, Grapes of Mirth is the bringing together of comedy and wine; sharing a wine, sharing a conversation, and sharing a laugh.

We create ‘live’ experiences to be enjoyed with family and friends, in the beautiful surrounds of wine country and beyond, over a bottle of quality wine.

We’re bold, silly at times, somewhat irreverent, but together with our free-thinking ideology comes a deep and passionate love of wine and comedy.

We aim to increase the awareness of Australia’s wine regions and producers, whilst creating memorable, unique, and welcoming, community led events.

We truly believe that shared experiences are better with wine.

Everything we do is underpinned by our three great loves:


We work with the best comedians in the country.


We are super passionate about it, and we LOVE sharing it.


We create experiences for people that are positive and long lasting. Quite simply, Wine and Comedy are two of our favourite things and bringing them together feels kind of magic.

At Grapes of Mirth, we are very serious about not taking wine too seriously.

Our Team

Jason Nikolas

General Manager

Jase has extensive experience in large events and a long history of working with and within the wine industry. He is the one to talk to about getting stuff done. He is all the things Mez is not.

Merrick Watts

Head Clown

Mez doesn’t take enough things seriously but is serious about getting people to enjoy themselves. Merrick is a people person and is at his happiest watching his friends perform to people whilst sharing a wine and creating memories. He is also incredibly good at making a 30-minute meeting go for 90 minutes.

Rowan Smith

Festival Director

Rowan has a tonne of event experience across all styles of events and festivals, but with more than 7 years specialising in comedy, he is the perfect fit for our little wine circus. He loves comedy, he loves wine and he loves people!

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